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Hi. Thanks for using this request system.

Your site, the list of requests, is at 

The list is sorted by type: circles, lines, partners. You can change the order with the  "Sort by" menu: by name, by choreographer, by year, most recent request first, etc.


When a dance is played during the session it gets marked **PLAYED**. You don't mark them yourself; it happens automatically. You can hide the played dances by clicking "Hide Played". Clicking "Show Played" shows them again.


The request list updates periodically. Click "Update" to get an immediate update, or if the page gets stuck and stops updating. You'll probably never need this.

If you have granted us access to your planning spreadsheet,

requests are written to a designated column there. See our Privacy Policy below.


Privacy Policy: We do not collect any information of any sort from you via this application. We do not set any cookies, collect any tracking information, or use any tracking services or analytics. Wix, our website platform, may measure traffic incoming to this site, but we do not make any use of that data. 

If you have separately given us access to your planning spreadsheet, incoming requests are copied to a specific column there; the rest of that spreadsheet is read-only. We never create or delete your spreadsheets, access in any way any spreadsheet other than the one you have designated, or write to any part of the designated spreadsheet other than the designated column.

Questions about this policy can be sent to

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